Why artsourcing? 

Getting art done for a project can be completely overwhelming. It doesn’t start out that way, but often it cascades out of control and affects every major aspect of the project. Timeline, production, marketing and sales all get disrupted if the art slips.

Art direction and coordination is really about distilling what a project needs so it can get done on-time, on-budget and with fitting theme appropriate to it’s audience. Condensing broad ideas into visual communications strategy and tangible tasks for artists has a ton of hidden work, that will blindside the unwary or inexperienced.

ArtSourcing's Zoë Robinson has been directing art since 2006, both on original properties and with licenses like Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, and A Game of Thrones. With over a decade of experience directing artists, your project is in safe hands, leaving you to focus on the OTHER multiple and sundry roles you are filling to push your creation into reality.

Have a vision? Let us implement it. Need art direction? Let's collaborate.

What is ArtSourcing?

ArtSourcing is a full-service studio, offering complete visual solutions for your project. This means that we adapt to the needs of your project or company, and can deliver everything from concepts, to raw assets, to files laid out for production.

Your project is your baby, and we're excited to collaborate with you to bring it to its full visual potential!   

What kind of projects does Artsourcing work on?

The ArtSourcing team has accomplished artists in many industries, but specializes in tabletop gaming and book covers.

So how does this work?


Send us an email at info@artsourcing.org

If you have the following information, it expedites how quickly we can assess our calendar and get started:

  • Timeline
  • Budget
  • Number and size of art pieces needed
  • General style thoughts

Please expect to be contacted to schedule an online meeting to talk about your project's needs. ArtSourcing has an internal workflow, but if you have an established workflow that you need to adhere to(which is often the case with licensors, etc), we can absolutely accommodate you. If you just know that you need art, don't worry! We can accommodate that, too!